Loaner Equipment

Borrow a Device

The School of Engineering IT offers loaner equipment to the School of Engineering's faculty and staff to meet their business and operational needs.

We offer our clients Windows and Mac laptops, Apple iPads*, LTE hotspots*, and more. To get started, please click on the images or links below that meet your requirement.

All loaned-out devices must be returned in their original state. If the loaner equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen, please notify SoE IT immediately. Lastly, please safely backup files stored on the loaner during your use, as the device will be erased upon return.

Loaner equipment are limited and subject to availability.

Note to Students:
Please use the TechHub for loaner equipment.

Windows and Mac laptop.

Forget your computer? Or just need one to borrow?

LTE-enabled Apple iPad, hotspot, laptop, etc.

*Visit Stanford EBS for requirements and restrictions.