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Zoom Tips

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Optimize your Zoom session

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Use wired Ethernet

Plug into the wired Ethernet cable for faster connection speed. The wired network is significantly faster than the Wi-Fi and will improve your Zoom experience. Most desks and cubicles have wired Ethernet capabilities for use with your computer. Reach out to your local IT support to activate the network port at your location.

Disable your Zoom Virtual Background

Zoom's Virtual Background can be resource-intensive. The algorithm used by the virtual background feature requires additional processing power and can degrade your session experience. If you find that your connection is unstable, disable your virtual background.

Turn off your webcam

Uploading your video feed during a Zoom session can be demanding on a slow internet connection. Turn off your video to improve your connection speed.

Alternatively, disable the high-definition (HD) feature on your webcam.

  • Zoom Settings > Video > Uncheck HD.

Close other applications or browsers

If you are not using it, close it. Downloading/uploading files or streaming videos during a Zoom session can degrade your Zoom experience. Try to limit other activities that may affect your internet connection.

Use an alternative audio source

Join a Zoom session over the phone.

Use a Zoom Conference Room

Zoom conference rooms are available in the Science and Engineering Quad.

Book an SEQ room for your next meeting.