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Stanford EBS

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Stanford EBS @ SoE

What is EBS?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licenses Educational Broadband Service (EBS) spectrum to accredited educational institutions and nonprofit entities whose missions are educational. For a detailed look into EBS, please visit the following article.

Stanford's band of EBS spectrum is currently leased to T-Mobile.

School of Engineering & EBS

The School of Engineering, through the Stanford Educational Broadband Service (EBS) spectrum program, issues T-Mobile LTE-enabled devices to participating University programs.

Use of Stanford EBS Devices

To maintain our contractual terms and conditions, set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), we are required to survey EBS users on hours of LTE usage for educational/research activities. Furthermore, Stanford EBS devices must cumulatively meet the minimum hours of LTE usage in each FCC-defined Geographical Service Area.

Complete the annual survery

How to borrow an EBS Device

Stanford EBS devices are limited to select University programs, are not guaranteed, and are subject to availability.

To begin the process, please reach out to your local program leads for the following departments:

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Examples of eligibility

  • Academic Research
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student Support
  • Faculty Support