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IT Tips For Campus Return

As Stanford transitions into the recovery phase of returning to on-site work, various School of Engineering departments will participate in campus return trials. With the resumption of campus operations, SoE IT has compiled a guide below to assist you in your return. To help with the technological needs of our Engineering constituents, the SoE IT Service Desk team will be operational and on-site.

Please review the checklists below before arriving on campus.

Are you "CAMPUS" ready? Go through the IT checklist below!



MacBook pro in the dark

If you brought your primary work computer home, please remember to pack it with you when returning to campus. Loaners are subject to availability.




Apple keyboard and mouse on a yellow background

These accessories are your device chargers, keyboard, mouse, docking station, headphones, etc.




Dell P3223DE Monitor

Individuals who brought monitor(s) home will need to bring them back to campus if you need them in your workspace. SoE IT does not have any loaner monitors to provide. Should you need a secondary monitor for work or home, please feel free to consult with our team.



Apple devices, iPad, iPhone, Pencil

Don't forget your phone! Duo's two-factor authentication is likely installed on your mobile phone.



University ID Badge

Most campus buildings are restricted from the public and require a Stanford ID card to enter. Please consult with your building manager on building access before arriving on campus.



Buildings and trees on Stanford Campus

Last but not least, bring yourself! We're excited to see you again!

Get Started On-Site

Welcome Back! Now that you are on-site, please review the items below to ensure you are good to go.

Network Connectivity

Canon MFD Printers

  • Print a test page. When you were gone, we upgraded the printers in the Science and Engineering Quad & Durand!
  • Issues with printing? Please review and install the latest drivers. More info at

Shared Drive

  • Test your shared drive. Are you able to access your files?
  • Links below for a refresher on how to access the shared drives. (Dean's Office only)

Windows macOS