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How to share/add Zimbra calendar from webmail

Jeff Barkow -

To share your Zimbra calendar:

1) Login to http://webmail.stanford.edu

2) Click on the Calendar tab at the top

3) Right click on your calendar and select 'Share Calendar'.


4) Type in the email address of the person to share your calendar with, select their 'Role'.


5) Copy the corresponding URL by right clicking and copying the link location; then click 'OK'.

6) Send the URL to the person your are sharing your calendar with.


To open a shared Zimbra calendar in Outlook:

1) In Outlook goto the calendar section.

2) Click on 'Open Calendar' and select 'Open Internet Calendar'

3) Enter the URL you received from the person sharing their calendar with you and enter it here.

4) Type in your credentials, remembering to enter WIN\sunetid in the username field.

5) You'll now see their calendar in the left column of the calendaring section of Outlook.


To open a shared Zimbra calendar in an application other than Outlook, copy the URL for 'ICS' and find the shared calendaring section of your program to paste the link into.

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