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Outlook (Windows) - Mail Archiving

Neal Soderquist -

Outlook has an archive mail feature that allows for automatic archival of messages older than a date you specify. This feature can take, for example, messages older than 2 years and move them (including the folder structure!) to a destination of your choice - typically a local PST (Personal Folder) stored on your computer's hard drive. It will then continue to archive mail for you automatically.


  1. Start a manual archive process;
    • Outlook 2007 and previous 
      File-> Archive…
    • Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
      File-> section: Info-> button: Cleanup Tools-> Archive...

      outlook2013File.png                       outlook2013Info.png

  2. Select the root of the folder set that you would like to mimic. 
    If you would only like to mimic the subfolders of the Inbox folder, then you can leave the selection on the Inbox folder.
  3. Set the “Archive items older than” field to a date that you want. Mail older than this date will get moved down to your archive file.
  4. Set the location of your Archive file to the location where you like to store your pst-files. For instance; 
    C:\My Documents\<your name>\Outlook\mymail.pst
  5. Press OK to execute Archive



When Archiving is done:

- If you selected the root of your mail account all folders will show in the new archive that match your mail account.

- If you selected a subset of your mail folders, then those will show.


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    Raymond E Levitt

    Brilliant!  Many Thanks!