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Email phishing tips and tricks

Reed Sprague -

Some general tips to protect yourself and your computer from these threats:
•    Be wary of any email that seems suspicious.  Your common sense is still your best asset.  
•    Just because an email comes from someone you know doesn’t mean it’s safe.  Be wary if it seems suspicious.
•    Always check the validity of links contained within emails BEFORE clicking.  Most email applications will show you the link address when you hover your mouse over the link.  If the link in the pop up label isn’t familiar, do not click.
•    NEVER click on any links or open any attachments in emails from people you do not know or trust.
•    NEVER reply to an email that is asking you to confirm your email address or password.   
•    Pay attention to your antivirus software (Sophos). It is there to protect you.

Some phishing examples can be found on this UIT's webpage:





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