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Configuring Thunderbird for SoE Exchange Email

Neal Soderquist -

Connecting Thunderbird to SoE Exchange:

1. Change Thunderbird to Offline Mode (File, Offline, Work Offline)

2. Open Options, Account Settings

3. Account Actions (bottom left), Add Mail Account

4. After the wizard fails to auto detect, click Advanced Config button


5.. Enter your name, email address, and password. Continue.

6. Server settings as follows: 


7. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) and change yours to match the following: 


8. Click OK, OK, File, Offline, Change it back to online (uncheck Offline).

9. Restart Thunderbird

10. Get new mail for all. You may be prompted for your password again. Enter it. 


In settings, if you select sunetID@stanford.edu, you can enter an account description (name it SoE Exchange or similar). This is so you know what account you are accessing if you have multiple accounts configured in Thunderbird. This is also how you would change this account to be your default. Select sunetID@stanford.edu on the left (under Account Settings), then click Account Actions, Make Default.

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