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Outlook 2011 for Mac - Sharing Calendar

Neal Soderquist -

Sharing a calendar in Outlook 2011

This document shows you how to share one of your calendars in Outlook 2011. This will allow another user to either read, create or modify your calendar, depending on what permissions you give them.

Open Calendar

Select Calendar in the navigation pane on the left hand side.


Open Sharing Permissions
Right-click (or ctrl-click) on the calendar that you want to share and select Sharing Permissions.


Add Delegate
Click Add User. In field at the top of the Select Users dialog box, type in the name of the user, then click Find. Select the correct user, then click OK.



Give Permissions

Outlook 2011 for Mac special note:

  • Currently a bug - you must set your permissions to Reviewer with Full Details, or the other user will not be able to open/view your calendar. The other person must do the same as well.

Now that the user is in your permissions for the calendar, you can give them whatever permissions by either using the preselected permissions level or giving them your own custom permissions. Reviewer is probably the most common if you just want them to see your calendar.After you are done giving permissions press OK. 

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