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Create a PST (Personal Folder) for Email Archiving in Outlook

Neal Soderquist -

If you receive an e-mail stating that you are over the mailbox size limit set by your administrator, you need to either delete old e-mails, or create offline Personal Folders. Offline Personal Folders are only accessible from your local machine, and are not visible in Outlook Web Access. The following steps will guide you through the creation of Personal Folders (known as .PST files).

An example e-mail might look like this: Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits set by your administrator. Your mailbox size is 1832126 KB. Mailbox size limits: You will receive a warning when your mailbox reaches 1750000 KB. You may not be able to send or receive new mail until you reduce your mailbox size. To make more space available, delete any items that you are no longer using or move them to your personal folder file (.pst). Items in all of your mailbox folders including the Deleted Items and Sent Items folders count against your size limit. You must empty the Deleted Items folder after deleting items or the space will not be freed. See client Help for more information.

Create a Personal Folder

1. In Outlook, select File, New, Outlook Data File.

2. Choose Office Outlook Personal Folders File.

3. Name the file as you would like - for example "Old Emails".

4. Click OK. The default directory will work.

5. Change the name of your Personal Folder here as well.

6. Click OK.

  • You should now see the Personal Folder you created on the left side of your Outlook mail folder list.

Moving Emails to Free Space

1. Right click the folder or email you wish to move from the server down to your Personal Folder.

2. Select the Personal Folder you created and click OK.

This frees up space in your exchange mailbox, and stores the e-mails you move into your Personal Folder locally on your machine. They are still backed up as long as your backup is working properly.

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