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Outlook - Create Rules to Filter Spam

Neal Soderquist -

Rules create a guideline for Outlook to follow when processing new mail. By creating a rule for spam messages that are appearing in your Inbox, your spam messages will automatically go to the Junk E-mail folder instead of your Inbox.

Creating a Rule

1. Find a message you want to create a new rule for.

2. Right click on the message and select Create Rule.

3. Click the Subject Contains box.

4. Delete any additional text after [SPAM:####].

  • For Example, if the subject was [SPAM:####] Additional University Scholarship. Change it to: [SPAM:####] 

5. Check Move e-mail to folder.

6. Click on Select Folder.

7. In the Rules and Alerts window, select the Junk E-mail folder and click OK.

  • You can also specify the spam messages to go to a different folder instead. It's totally up to you. 

8. Click OK at the Create Rule window.

9. Click OK on any error messages that appear.

10. Check Run this Rule now on messages already in the curent folder. Click OK.

The spam messages that were in your Inbox with the subject of "[SPAM:####]" should now be moved to your Junk E-mail folder. From now on, all messages with that subject will automatically go there.

That's it! You can use this guide to create rules to apply towards other spam messages with different subjects. Once you've set up your rules properly, you'll find that the amount of spam you see will decrease dramatically.


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