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Getting a Sponsored SUNetID

Peter T. Chen -

Sponsored SUNet IDs are needed in order to access many networked resources including the Virtual Private network (VPN), "firewalled" web pages/sites, ssh, and if necessary email and/or disk space.  Follow the instructions below  to create an account and then email the IT team member that you are contracting with with the ID name that you have chosen, to request that they sponsor the account for the duration of your contract with us.   

Please keep in mind that the ID that you choose is permanent for any future work you do with Stanford University including if you ever become a student or full time employee of Stanford University  so please choose your ID name wisely.  

If you have previously been issued a SUNetID (from a previous project or you have been previously affiliated with Stanford University), just let us know that ID as we will not need to create a new account for you. 

  1. Provide your SoE IT sponsor with the following pieces of information (by email, skype, phone, whatever works best):
     - First, Last Names
     - Date of birth
     - email address
  2. You will soon receive an email containing a Sponsorship Code that you will use to register. 
  3. Go to https://accounts.stanford.edu/  and follow "Create" and "I have a sponsorship code" 
  4. Follow the steps to create an ID by filling in the required fields.  
  5. Please note that sponsored accounts have an expiration date that is set by the sponsor but can be reactivated by any future sponsor.
  6. As a general policy, we will sponsor your account for the duration of your contract + 30 days but will extend as needed. 
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