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XP Eradication Project Update(2)

Jeff Barkow -

As of April 8th, Microsoft no longer provides support for Windows XP. Don't know if you have XP or Windows 7?  You can review this handy test.  For Faculty and Staff we are reaching out so that we may migrate you to a new Windows 7 computer and recycle your current Windows XP workstation.  Please help us, help you.



  • At no cost to you, a team of technicians is ready to carefully transfer information to your new computer, but they will not be here for long.
  • Hackers are targeting vulnerabilities in Windows XP trying to make your life difficult.
  • By summertime, Stanford’s IT Services will implement a system to deny access to the network if your computer is running Windows XP.



  • Choose from our inventory of laptop and desktop configurations, which can be seen here.  It’s as simple as giving us your PTA.
  • Please schedule a time via our online form or through email response to either drop-off your laptop or have your desktop picked up.
  • Expect this migration process to take 1 business day; we suggest planning for a day without access to your computer, as our team is only available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
  • Files, folders and settings will be migrated, however, non-standard programs will need to be installed by your IT support.
  • If you’re providing the new computer, please make sure it has a TPM chip, we can check for you.



Given that the computing environment at Stanford University is complex, exemption requests are granted on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the unique situation.  While your computer may qualify for exemption, you must complete the request form here to avoid any surprises.  We can answer any questions you have about the form.



Our team is here to help if you would simply like to have your old Windows XP computer properly recycled.


For more information about the security mandate at Stanford, please see: http://stanford.io/securityfaq

Individual questions about the migration process can be forwarded to Mahesh Bhavana - mbhavana@stanford.edu
SoE IT Migration Team


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