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XP Eradication Project UPDATE

Reed Sprague -

As you may be already aware, Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft after April 8th 2014.  To comply with a security mandate dated February 13th from Randy Livingston, all Stanford owned XP laptops and desktop computers will need to migrate to, or upgrade to, Windows 7 Enterprise prior to this date.  The School of Engineering is actively migrating users off their old XP computers to new modern laptops running Windows 7 Enterprise.  We have a migration team in place, trained on all the Stanford tools, and are ready to help you with your migration process.  
The migration process is open to all School of Engineering faculty and staff with Stanford purchased XP computers.  Students with XP computers and research XP computers are currently exempt.  Users with Windows 7 computers do not need to take any action at this time.  Don't know if you have XP or Windows 7?  You can review this handy test: http://stanford.io/winxpv7
We currently have 40 laptops ready for users and are accepting signups for migration.  More hardware is on the way and we'll open up more migration slots as they become available, but be aware, since most of the country is actively trying to migrate off of XP, we've seen significant hardware delays with our orders.  Please sign up as early as you can.    
We have two models of laptops and two desktop models to choose from.  The desktop models haven't yet arrived and we will announce them after they ship.  Our current laptop models include:  
Dell Latitude e7440 with a 14.0" display -- http://dell.to/OzSFWa
Dell Latitude e7240 with a 12.5" display -- http://dell.to/1p9cbnV
In order to migrate your data from the old computer to your new computer, the migration technicians need 1 business day to perform the transfer.  Please plan accordingly.  
Steps to sign up for the migration:

  1. Review the laptop models, and decide which one is right for you.  If you’d rather have a desktop, wait for our pending desktop email.
  2. Visit our migration calendar and chose two or three dates where you can give up your computer for 24 hours.  Remember these dates for the next step.
  3. Fill out our migration intake form with your individual details and preferred migration dates.  You will be assigned a migration date based on your preferences. 
  4. Two days prior to your scheduled upgrade, you will receive an email with instructions on where to go to drop off and pick up your computer.  

 For more information about the security mandate at Stanford, please see:
Individual questions about the migration process can be forwarded to Mahesh Bhavana - mbhavana@stanford.edu
SoE IT Migration Team

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