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New Canon MFD Instructions for Linux

Jeff Barkow -

Enhancements to printer authentication have been implemented to elevate security.  

These changes require you remove old print queue(s) and install new secure queue(s).

On January 15th the old print queues will cease to allow for printing.


These steps were performed on Ubuntu 64-bit 15.10.  Your experience may differ.


Installing Canon MFD print queue(s)

First, remove any previous print queue(s) you already have installed, they will no longer work.

Open terminal, enter: sudo apt-get install smbclient


Navigate to System Settings, select Printers


Add a New Printer, select Windows Printer via SAMBA.

Enter seq-uniflow.stanford.edu/CanonMFD-Secure in the smb:// field

Enter "WIN\" + "Stanford SUNet ID" (for example WIN\jdoe) in the Authentication field.

Then enter your corresponding Stanford SUNet ID password.


After selecting Forward, you'll be prompted to choose a driver, select imageRunner C5058.


Repeat these steps to add a direct queue.  Replacing "CanonMFD-Secure" in "seq-uniflow.stanford.edu/CanonMFD-Secure with a printer from this list: https://soeithelp.zendesk.com/entries/98662197-List-of-Canon-MFD-Printers

Contact soeithelp@stanford.edu if you still cannot successfully print.

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