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Fix "Hold for Authentication" Canon MFD Printer issue for Mac OSX

Jeff Barkow -

If you have followed instructions to install the new Canon MFD print queue(s) on your Mac OSX computer and you're receiving the following error please follow the steps below to fix it.



Fix "Hold for Authentication" error

Using Spotlight, search for "Keychain Access" on your computer and open the application.



From within the Keychain Access application search for either "canon" or "network password".

Find the entry associated with your Canon MFD printer, right click on it and remove it.


After you have removed the entry within your keychain, try printing and following the directions below.

If you cannot find an entry within your keychain, try printing and following the directions below.

Contact soeithelp@stanford.edu if you still cannot successfully print.



When you see the popup below, ensure you enter:

"WIN\" + "Stanford SUNet ID"

For example WIN\jdoe.

Then enter your corresponding Stanford SUNet ID password.

You can check the "Remember this password in my keychain" box so you do not need to perform this procedure again.


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.12.17 AM.png

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    Jeff Barkow

    OSX 10.6 or below?


    Auth issue when your credentials don't work, but others do.


    Is there a comma in password? If so, change it.


    Certain documents not printing, like PDFs?


    Drivers may be issue (user may be unable to print certain PDFs, or other weird files), remove CN* from Macintosh HD/Library/printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/ and reinstall PS drivers.  OR just install new PS drivers over and manually add printer. PS driver: https://stanford.box.com/s/hl7pwg6ob5r345kuyv9vz63yyhcq5keq


    Is kerberos commander running?


    If so, open terminal and run two commands:

    kinit --keychain <your sunet ID>@win.stanford.edu

    kinit --keychain -f

    https://web.stanford.edu/dept/soe-it/CanonMFD/Create WIN Kerberos ticket.zip


    Is a PTA associated with your SUNet ID?


    Email soeithelp@stanford.edu


    Do you have network connectivity.


    Ensure you're on Stanford network or VPN.  Try pinging seq-uniflow.stanford.edu

    Edited by Jeff Barkow