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View Your Print Balance on Canon MFD

Trina Glidden -

If your group or department has set a print Balance, you can view your current Balance by:

  1. Log into/badge in to a specific MFD
  2. Select "Secure Print"
  3. Balance will be displayed in top left corner next to your username





Keep in mind when setting/viewing your balance:

  • When sending a secure print job to a MFD printer, the current balance displayed will have automatically debited the cost of the print job sent, even though you may not have selected "print" yet.  Your balance will be credited back only if you delete the print job.
  • If sending multiple print jobs at a time, the current balance may not be reflected real-time as it takes several minutes to refresh.
  • If a balance is set by your group/department, that balance will apply to all cost centers/PTAs that you are associated with, not per cost center/PTA.  


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