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Installing the uniFLOW Client For Windows (Multiple PTAs)

Alex Keller -

If you are using a non-secure print queue (printing to the Canon MFD directly without the need to login with your badge), you MUST install an additional software client that allows you to choose your PTA from your computer.

Download the uniFLOW Client for Windows:




Save the uniFLOW Windows Client to your computer:



Execute the uniFLOW Windows Client you downloaded and select the Run button if prompted:



Allow the uniFLOW Client to finish installing:



You should now see the uniFLOW Client in the Windows system tray:


When you print to the Canon MFD, a popup window will be presented that asks you to select the appropriate PTA for the job. Select the PTA by clicking on the red arrow icon to the right side of the PTA row you would like to select:



Your print job will now be processed.

















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