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Refilling the Canon MFD Staple Cartridge

Alex Keller -

Video depicting how to refill the cartridge:



Refilling the Canon MFD Staple Cartridge:


When the Inner Finisher-A1 is almost out of staples and the staple cartridge must be replaced, a screen prompting you to replace the staple cartridge appears on the touch panel display. Follow the procedure described below to replace the staple cartridge.

Use only staple cartridges intended for use with this machine.


  • We recommend that you order staple cartridges from your local authorized Canon dealer before your stock runs out.


  1. Open the front cover of the finisher.

  1. Pull out the staple case, holding it by the green tab.

  1. Press the area indicated by PUSH on both side of the staple cartridge, and then pull out the staple case.

  1. Insert the new staple cartridge.

Press the spring-loaded case down until it clicks into place.

  • Use only staple cartridges intended for use with this machine.
  • Do not remove the seal that holds the staples together before you place the staple cartridge into the staple case.
  • Only one staple cartridge can be inserted at a time.
  1. Remove the seal holding the staples together, by pulling it straight out.

  • If you pull it out at an angle, it may tear. Make sure that you pull the seal straight out.
  1. Gently push the staple case back into the finisher until it is securely in place.

  1. Close the front cover of the finisher.

  • When closing the front cover of the finisher, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury.
  • After the cover is closed, the stapler unit may automatically perform a "dry" stapling operation to reposition the staples.



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