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Stanford Device Enrollment Prompt

Neal Soderquist -

The Stanford Device Enrollment is a legitimate Stanford questionnaire launched in order to gather basic information about your computer. Enrollment also associates a computer with the person who is responsible for its data security.

For more information, see: https://itservices.stanford.edu/service/enrollment

Why is this information being collected?

In an effort to increase data security across campus, your affiliation with the university and the type of information you access will determine the type of security your device needs to use Stanford data.

The Device Enrollment service is for both Windows and Macintosh desktop and laptop computers.  Enrollment for mobile devices is done via the Stanford Mobile Device Management (MDM) process.

What data is collected in the questionnaire? 

  • Your SUNetID
  • Whether computer is used for High Risk Data
  • Your Stanford organization and department
  • Personal or Stanford-owned computer
  • Primary user of the computer

What does the questionnaire process look like?

  1. You'll be prompted to start by answering a few questions. Click Proceed Now.

  1. Next, choose whether or not you have a valid SUNet ID and then click Continue.
  • If you have a valid SUNet ID, you will be asked to answer some questions about this device and the types of data that is accessed and stored on it. If BigFix, Stanford's patch management software, is not present on your computer, it will be installed for you.
  • If you do not have a valid SUNet ID and you are no longer affiliated with Stanford, you are asked to remove Bigfix. The BigFix uninstaller launches automatically when you exit the questionnaire.
  • If you do not have a valid SUNet ID but this computer is used for Stanford work, the questionnaire is terminated. Someone with a valid SUNet ID needs to complete the questionnaire.  


3. You'll then be prompted to answer various questions:

Are you the primary user (or the party responsible for the data security) of this computer?

      • Yes: You use this machine more than anyone else, make decisions about what applications are on it, or generally consider it your computer.
      • No: This machine is in a computer lab or a general use machine.

Do other people use this computer?

      • Yes: Other people use this machine by logging in via another user name or use it using the same login as you for more than a few minutes a day.
      • No: Others only use this machine occasionally and do not have their own login.

Is this a Stanford purchased computer?

      • Yes: This machine was paid for by your school, department, program, supervisor, PI, grant, or other Stanford funds. Or, this machine was paid for by you, using your personal funds and reimbursed by Stanford.
      • No: This machine was paid for by you, using your personal funds and not reimbursed by Stanford.

Is this computer used for Stanford-related work, including minimal use of email, voicemail, or Stanford files?

      • Yes: You work with any data related to Stanford, not including personal data such as your pay statements, or personal benefits information.
      • No: You do not do any work for Stanford on this machine or only have personal data from Stanford such as pay statements and personal benefits information.

What type of data do you work with? 

      • There will be Yes/No choices to select corresponding to the appropriate data classification.

4. Click Submit when you are done.


If your computer does not auto-prompt you for this questionnaire, please complete the enrollment by downloading the app manually.

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