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Video: How to use Two-Step Authentication with your Stanford account

Reed Sprague -

Are you confused on how Two-Step authentication will work?   Are you unclear on how to set it up? 

H&S has put together two videos demonstrating how to set up Two-Step Authentication.  The first video walks smart phone users through setting up Google Authenticator on their iPhone or Android phone.  The second video shows how to set up SMS Two-step authentication for users of regular cell phones.








For more information: please refer to the ITS page on Two-Factor authentication, or if you receive support from the SoE IT team, click the Submit a Request tab. 








2-Step Authentication

2-Factor Authentication

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    Kristin Burns

    Hi Reed:  The video was helpful except I was confused because I never had to do the scanning step.  But it seems to be working.  Thanks for the guidance.  Take care,  -Kristin