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How to change the BitLocker encryption PIN on Windows 7

Jeff Barkow -

Select Computer from your Start Menu (bottom left hand corner of your computer window)


The following window will be displayed:


Select the Local Disk (C:) using a single click of left button on your mouse


Bring up the drive menu with a single click with the right button on your mouse and select "Manage BitLocker"


On the following window, select "Reset the PIN"


Enter you new PIN in the "PIN" and "Confirm PIN" fields.  Click on "Set PIN"


IMPORTANT: It is extremely important to perform the following steps after performing a Reset Startup PIN (that is changing your BitLocker PIN).  You CANNOT use "Save the recovery key to a file"  option to save a BitLocker PIN on the same drive where you are performing this action.  The recommended choice is to select "Print the recovery key".


CAUTION: Do not leave the USB Drive in the computer for which you have changed the BitLocker PIN.  This defeats the purpose of encrypting the drive.  


After clicking on "Save", open the USB device and open the document in which was saved to your USB device.  And it should look as follows:


If you wish to save your BitLocker Recovery key to a file, use the "Save the recovery key to a file" option and select the location where you want to save the file.  NOTE: You cannot save the BitLocker Recovery key to a file on the encrypted drive associated with the key you are trying to save.


You should always use the "Print the recovery key" option and print a copy of the recovery key.  Keep this printed recovery key in a safe location and never adjacent to the computer.  Keeping the recovery key on printed paper along with the computer defeats the hard disk encryption.


Click on Close to end the task of changing your BitLocker PIN.


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