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Format USB Drive in Mac OS X

Darrel Bayani -

The following are the steps to formatting an USB drive within Mac OS X (Mountain Lion)

  1. From Finder, click on Go on the menu bar then click Utilities (or up arrow, Command, Shift, and the 'u' key). 
  2. Select the USB drive and select the Erase tab: Screen_Shot_2013-06-10_at_10.51.06_AM.png
  3. Select the Format you would like to use for the drive (MS-DOS(FAT) for cross-compatibility with Windows or Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for use on Mac OS X computers only) Screen_Shot_2013-06-10_at_10.51.26_AM.png
  4. Once you've selected a format, click on Erase to format the drive.
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