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What to do on your Mac after you change your SUNet ID Password

Darrel Bayani -

If your Mac is bound to the SU domain and login using your SUNet ID, you will need to do the following steps after you have changed your password on http://accounts.stanford.edu:

  1. While you are connected to the Stanford network (wired or wirelessly), reboot your computer.
  2. After reboot, you will need to login using your new SUNet ID password.
  3. Once you authenticate the local cached password will be updated and you will be prompted to update your KeyChain password.
  4. Select Enter Old KeyChain Password and type in your previous SUNet ID password. 
  5. After the KeyChain password has been updated you will be brought to your desktop.
DO NOT change your SUNet ID password using the Change Password tool in the Users & Groups application within System Preferences. Only change your password on http://accounts.stanford.edu
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