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Draft: 550-114 WorkCentre 5745PS Setup

Jeff Barkow -

Please find below step-by-step instructions compiled by Dave Jaffe to successfully install WorkCentre 5745PS as a PC printer (located in 550-114):
1. Browse to http://www.support.xerox.com/support/workcentre-5735-5740-5745-5755/downloads/
2. Enter 5745 into search box, hit return 
3. Click on "Drivers & Downloads" 
4. Choose operating system from pull-down list 
5. Windows: Select Xerox Global Print Driver>PCL6 32/64-bit Driver - Download and Install
6. Click "Accept" End User License Agreement near bottom of page 
7. Click "Save" 
8. Chose location to save compressed (zip) - browse to desktop 
9. Click Save & close browser
The Xerox print drivers are not self executable. These drivers must be 
downloaded and unzipped to a location on a computer, and the Add Printer 
Wizard used to install the driver. From the Add Printer Wizard, the driver is 
accessed from the Have Disk section.
10. Double click on saved compressed (zip) file - contents should include 28 objects 
11. Click on File / Extract All 
12. Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard opens 
13. Click Next 
14. Right click on desktop - create and name New Folder 
15. In Wizard, click Browse 
16. Click on name of empty folder just created 
17. Click OK 
18. In Wizard click Next > - files are extracted to folder 
19. Click Finish 
20. Folder contents should include 28 objects 
21. Close file display
22. Click on Start / Printers and Faxes / Add Printer to start Add Printer Wizard 
23. Click Next > 
24. Click on "Local printer attached to this computer" 
25. Clear "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer" box 
26. Click Next> 
27. Click on "Create a new port" 
28. On the pull-down menu select "Standard TCP/IP port" 
29. Click Next > - opens Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard 
30. Click Next > 
31. Enter in "Printer Name or IP Address" box - port name gets filled in automatically 
32. Click Next > 
33. Click Finish - wait for Install Printer Software screen 
34. Click "Have Disk" 
35. Browse to the folder with the uncompressed printer driver on desktop 
36. Click on folder, Click Open 
37. Click on x2WRADP.inf (only file listed) 
38. Click Open 
39. On Install From Disk screen, verify location of printer driver folder, press OK 
40. Select Xerox WorkCentre 5745 PS 
41. Click Next > 
42. Optionally edit printer name 
43. Select yes or no for default printer, depending on your situation 
44. Click Next > 
45. Select Yes or No to print a test page 
46. Click Next > 
47. Click Finish 
48. Installation of files commences 
49. Notification of test page printing displayed, then an on-screen pop-up 
50. Go to copier to retrieve your test page 
51. Click on OK to "test page printed ok" 
52. You are done installing the printer driver - wasn't that easy?
53. Click Start / Settings / Printers and Faxes / Xerox WorkCenter 5745 PS 
54. Click Printer / Printing Preferences 
55. Verify 2-Sided Printing is set to 2-Sided Printing 
56. Output Destination - Automatically Select (there is no Right Middle Tray option) 
57. Click on Adavanced tab 
58. Expand Paper / Ouput subsection 
59. Click on text to right of Job Identification 
60. Select Disable Job ID 
61. Click on Apply 
62. Click on OK 
63. Dismiss Xerox WorkCentre 5745 PS window 
64. Delete compressed driver file (WC5735-5790_5.240.0.0_PS_32.zip) 
65. Deleter folder that driver files were extracted to

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