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Scanning on ERA Xerox WorkCentre 6505DN (Bldg 530)

Darrel Bayani -

Scanning to an Email Address

To scan an image and send it to an email address:

  1. On the control panel, press the Scan button.

  2. Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow button to select Scan to E-mail, then press the OK button.

  3. At Email to, press OK.

  4. Select the method for selecting the recipient:

    • Keypad allows you to enter the email address manually. Use the keypad to enter the address.

    • Address Book allows you to select an email address from the Address Book.

    • Email Group allows you to select a group email address from the Address Book.

      Note: When using the Address Book, press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow button to select the address for the desired recipient. Press the Forward Arrow button to select TO or BCC. When finished selecting addresses, press OK.

  5. Press the Start button to begin the scan.

  6. If the Another Page? prompt appears, select one of the following (this prompt will only appear if you are not using the document feeder and are using the flatbed to scan individual documents):

    • No completes the scanning process.

    • Yes prompts you to place the next page on the document glass. Select Continue or Cancel the Action.

  7. Press OK.

    The printer scans your documents, and sends them as email attachments of the default file type. 

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