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Google Groups & Drive Integration with Stanford Workgroups

Alex Keller -

Proceed to Stanford Workgroup Manager to create a new workgroup (you can also use an existing workgroup): http://web.stanford.edu/dept/as/mais/applications/workgroup/



Use the Stanford Workgroup Admin Tool to link a Stanord Workgroup to a Google Group: https://tools.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/workgroup-admin





Select the default link action (be patient and only press "Link Workgroup" button once, it can take a minute to process):



Proceed to the Google Groups management interface and select "My groups" (you MUST be logged with your Stanford account): https://groups.google.com




Select the link for "Switch organization view to: stanford.edu" and then select the Workgroup integrated Google Group that you previously created. From the Group subsection, select "About":




Find and copy the Group Email address as you will use this to share Google Drive resources with this Group:




Proceed to Google Drive interface and select "Share" from the contextual menu of a folder you wish to share: https://www.google.com/drive/




From the "Share with others" menu, type or copy/paste the email of the Google Group you derived in the aforementioned step and grant the permissions you desire (View or Edit). By default all users in the Group will receive a notification email with a link to the shared folder:


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