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Installing FileMaker Pro

Jeff Barkow -

Installing FileMaker


1) Download the installer for your operating system from the link provided to you above.


2) Open the installer and proceed through the steps.

3) Ensure you enter your organization as Stanford University and license key as it appears in the link on the download page.

  • Enter your first and last name for the User Name field and leave 'Anyone who uses this computer' checked.
  • You may copy and paste using Control+c/v for Windows or Command+c/v for OSX.


4) The FileMaker Pro installer should navigate you through the next couple screens:

  • Agree to the license agreement.
  • Install to the default location on your computer.
  • Choose the complete installation method.
  • Check the shortcuts to your preference.

5) You may need to install Bonjour if on a Windows computer.

  • Navigate through the installer.


Opening databases within FileMaker Pro

1) Once FileMaker is installed, please open it(from desktop or start menu), you may register at your convenience, but it is not required.

2) In the top left corner: Select File>Open Remote.

3) Select 'Allow access' to any firewall windows that pop up for FileMaker(specific to Windows).


4) Select the dropdown by ‘View:’ and pick ‘Favorite Hosts’.

5) Click ‘Add…’

6) In the ‘Host’s Internet Address:’ type: soe-fms.stanford.edu.

  • Optional: you may select a custom 'Favorite Host's Name:'

7) Click ‘Save’.

8) You will not be able to access any database files until you've been granted authority.

9) When logging into the database use your Stanford SUNet ID and corresponding password.

10) IMPORTANT: Ensure you place WIN\ before your SUNet ID, for example WIN\jdoe.

11) You may close the welcome menu or use it to take a tour of FileMaker(but it is not necessary for your database).

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