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Acrobat Path in PostGrads Program

Darrel Bayani -

Provided by Technology Support and Training, Advancement Services Department <ineed-help@lists.stanford.edu> on 10-25-2013:


Edit the path to Acrobat in the PostGrads configuration file pgdesktop.ini:

1)      Find where Acrobat 9 is installed on your computer: probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe or somewhere similar. You’ll need that full path for the next part.

2)      Close out of all PostGrads programs.

3)      Navigate to C:\postgrads\pathdir\

4)      Open the pgdesktop.ini file (if you double click, it should open in Notepad).

When you open that file, you can see a bunch of rows that are comment-only (with the “//”) and a few rows that are active – the active rows point to the location of specific files (executables) that PostGrads needs to use. So, for example, under [msword] is the path to winword.exe, and so on. The only two we should worry about are [adobe acrobat] and [acrobat reader]. Both of those sections should have two lines: one for “exe path” and one for “title for program” and we probably only need to work with the exe path.

5)      Update the exe path for both [adobe acrobat] and for [acrobat reader] to point to the location for acrobat.exe (which you found in step 1)

6)      Save and close  pgdesktop.ini

7)      Start up PostGrads and check whether Adobe now opens directly from the Image button.

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