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Remote Support with LogMeIn Rescue

Neal Soderquist -

LogMeIn Rescue allows us to securely connect to your computer remotely to help troubleshoot your computer problems. These are the steps to successfully start a remote session with us. 


Typically, we will call or email you with a 6-digit code that you will be prompted to enter.

1.    Submit a ticket, email soeithelp@stanford.edu, or call us at 8-2222 with a description of your problem.

2.    Once we have established that a remote session is required, Open a web browser (preferably internet explorer)

3.    Go to http://www.logmein123.com

4.    Enter the 6-digit code: [will be provided]

5.    Click on Start Download

6.    When download is complete, select Run (Internet Explorer will prompt you to run the download. If you are using Firefox you will have to open the downloaded file).

7.    For anything that pops up, click OK, or Allow. 

Once the remote login has launched we will connect and be able to assist you.



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