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How to connect to a network share on Windows

Neal Soderquist -

Mapping a network drive gives you quick access to a shared network folder. Instead of having to connect to the shared network folder by its address everytime you want to access it, a drive mapping remembers the folder you want to access and allows you to assign it a drive letter for future use.

  • If you are on a laptop and connected to the wireless network, please be sure you are authenticated with the VPN client or this will NOT work.

Mapping a Network Drive

1. Open My Computer. This can be found on your desktop, or by selecting it from within your Start Menu.

2. Select Tools, Map Network Drive from within My Computer. (Windows 7 users would just select Map a Network Drive at the top)

3. Select your drive letter. The SoE Dean's Office uses the following:

  • X:\\SOE-DATA.stanford.edu\ADMIN-SHARED
  • Q:\\SOE-DATA.stanford.edu\DEV-SHARED
  • R:\\SOE-DATA.stanford.edu\ERA-SHARED
  • S:\\SOE-DATA.stanford.edu\OSA-SHARED
  • H:\\SOE-DATA.stanford.edu\HR-SHARED
  • U:\\SOE-DATA.stanford.edu\USERS\YOUR SUNETID HERE (only you have access to view the contents)
  • I:\\SOE-DATA.stanford.edu\IT-SHARED

4. Enter the path of the folder you are trying to access. For Example, \\SOE-DATA\IT-SHARED (host name, folder location)

5. Click Finish.

6. That's it! You should now see the drive mapping you created in My Computer. Repeat this process for any other drives you wish to map.

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