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How to collaborate and share folders in Box

Jeff Barkow -

Box allows you to share folders with other people, this is known as collaborating.

  • Box is limited to collaborating only folders, so if you want to share just one file, put it in a folder by itself.
  • To access this feature you must login to http://box.stanford.edu and navigate to the folder you'd like to share (this cannot be done with the desktop client.)
  • When sending an invite to collaborate, you must send the invite to their sunetid@stanford.edu, any aliases they may have will not work.
  • Folders that you've been invited to collaborate on are only visible from http://box.stanford.edu unless you select 'Sync Folder to Computer' to allow visibility from your desktop client.

1) Navigate to the folder you'd like to collaborate, for example below I'm in the 'Box Help' folder.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 1.56.02 PM.png

2) Click on the 'Names or email addresses' field in the right column to bring up the 'Advanced options' link and select it.

3) From the "Invite to "TITLE OF FOLDER"' window you may type the collaborators name, ensuring that their sunetid@stanford.edu email is being used.


4) From the 'Permissions:' drop-down menu select the level of access you'd like to grant.


5) Once you hit Send, the person on the receiving end will have to accept the invite from their email to have visibility of the collaborative folder from http://box.stanford.edu

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