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How to get the link for a file stored in Box

Jeff Barkow -

Box allows you to share files and folders with a URL link.  

  • Box creates a URL link by default with every upload you make, available only to collaborators.  
  • To access this URL link you must login to http://box.stanford.edu and navigate to the file or folder you'd like to share (this cannot be done with the desktop client.)
  • An alternative to sharing with a URL link is by inviting others to collaborate on a *folder; which can be performed in the far right column by adding the users sunetid@stanford.edu.
  • *Inviting collaborators is a more secure method of sharing folders and should be used for sensitive data.

1) Once you've navigated to the file you'd like to share click on Share to bring a drop-down for the file.


2) If the user you intend to share the file with is not a collaborator, you'll need to change access to either 'Your Company' or 'Open'. Keep in mind these options are less secure than 'Collaborators Only'.

3) Copy the linked URL and open your desired program.  This could be an email, word document, powerpoint etc.  Upon clicking the link the user will go directly to the file.


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