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Check your backup status in CrashPlan

Neal Soderquist -

To make sure that your backup in CrashPlan is functioning properly, simply open the application and view the current backup status. If your CrashPlan backup is stuck you can force the program to start a backup or view the logs to find out why.

1. Open the CrashPlan main interface

MAC: Open Finder, Applications, open CrashPlan


Windows: Click on the Start Menu, All Programs, find CrashPlan and open CrashPlan. 

Alternatively, you can open CrashPlan from the bottom right near your system try by clicking "Show Hidden Icons."



2. You may be prompted to login via WebAuth. Enter your Stanford SUNet ID and SUNet password. Click Login.

Please be sure to only click Login once. If nothing happens after 1 minute, please try again by clicking the "Retry" button in the bottom right.



3. Your backup status is shown under the Backup screen. If there is a green light next to your Destination along with a recent "Last Backup" you should be good to go! If CrashPlan is having problems backing up you can force a backup by pressing the arrow. Your status should change to "Backup running.."

Your Destination may not be Stanford Internet2 Cloud, and that's OK. The destination is based off of your current CrashPlan subscription, either through SoE IT or IT Services.


Green light? Good! Backup status showing a recent backup? Great. You're all set. 

If CrashPlan appears to be having problems, you can try to force a backup by pressing the arrow.



4. If you are still having problems you can check the log files and send a screenshot of your log to your local IT group. You can access the log by clicking on History.


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