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SoE IT Crashplan Service

Reed Sprague -

SoE IT offers Crashplan backup at no cost for our supported faculty and staff.  To find out if your group is supported by SoE IT please refer to this link

The SoE IT Crashplan service is offered free of charge with the following restrictions:

  • Computer must be in a SoE IT supported organization. 
  • User must be a faculty or staff in a supported organization.  Student options are listed below.
  • SoE IT Crashplan service is offered for desktop and laptop computers.  For server backups, please contact SoE IT Help for consultation. 
  • Crashplan works with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux clients.  Click this link to learn more about system requirements.

To get Crashplan backup software installed on your desktop or laptop, please create a ticket by selecting Submit a Request at http://soeithelp.stanford.edu.


For students:

Departments or PIs can sponsor their student's Crashplan license on their own PTAs. The cost is $5 a month for four devices per person, and unlimited data backup. You'll need approval from your department or PI before proceeding.  More information can be found here:


Crashplan provides their consumer product at discount for Stanford students.  It has different features than the campus product.  The cost is $3.75 a month for one computer and unlimited data backup.  More information can be found here:


Students who want to use their own credit card can use a commercial solution like Mozy Personal, $5.99 a month for one computer and 50GB of data. More information can be found here:


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    Sybille Katz

    1) This is ancient information.  And when I clicked on the link to find out if my group was supported, the info was from 2013!

    2) Do I understand correctly that students (with approval from their PI) can apply for this themselves, or do I, the PI's admin, take care of this???


    Sybille Katz 3-1925  sybkatz@stanford.edu

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    Andrew Beckman

    Hi Sybille,

    The supported groups chart is correct (the image is updated frequently, however the page itself has not been updated). 

    To order the UIT CrashPlan service, the PTA admin would need to request it on behalf of the student as long as the PTA admin also has access to OrderIT. If they do not have access to OrderIT, they can submit a HelpSU ticket. 

    If the student would like to pay for the service themselves, they can order it at http://crashplan.com/stanford

    Hope this helps!