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VPN Requires Two-Step Authentication

Alex Keller -

For screenshots and instructions please see: https://itservices.stanford.edu/service/vpn/twostep

Announcement from the Stanford Information Security Office:

Beginning Wednesday 2-25-2015 at 8am, you will be prompted for two-step authentication when logging into the Stanford Virtual Private Network (VPN). We made the decision to add two-step authentication to our VPN system because this service is frequently used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to Stanford resources via compromised SUNet accounts.  The addition of two-step authentication will prevent this abuse, just as it strongly protects access to our web-based services.

Instructions are provided in pop-up windows as you log into the VPN.  Begin by typing in your username and password as usual.  You will then be prompted to enter your two-step code, or you can select among your listed two-step options such as push notification, text messaging or phone callback.  If you select to have a code delivered by text message, you will enter the code at the next prompt.  For more information and instructions, please see https://itservices.stanford.edu/service/vpn/twostep.

As you will be prompted for two-step authentication each time you connect to the VPN, we understand that this means that you will be using two-step authentication on a more frequent basis.  We therefore encourage you to take advantage of our recently enhanced two-step authentication system which provides additional options that make it much more versatile.  For more information, please visit http://twostep.stanford.edu/.  To explore the new options directly, go to https://accounts.stanford.edu/manage and click on the "Two-Step Auth" tab.



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