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Enabling Automatic DHCP

Neal Soderquist -

To get a proper IP address on the Stanford Network, a computer should be set to automatically grab a DHCP address. Follow these steps to check/change your computer to these settings.

For PC computers (Windows XP specifically):

Go to "Start" and then "Control Panel". Open "Network Connections":

Double click on the network card (Local Area Connection). Often times it is a type of 3Com or Intel card. The Microsoft Loopback Adapter is not it.

Click on "Properties" button.

Click on the words "Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)" to highlight them. Then click on the "Properties" button.

If "Use the following..." button is checked and IP address are listed, copy down the numbers for reference in case changing to DHCP does not work. You can restore the connection to the network by putting the IP numbers back in.

DCHP automatically grabs the IP address that is reserved for your machine in NetDB database.

Select buttons "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically". OK. OK and exit.


For Apple Macs with OS X:

Click on the blue apple in the upper left corner. Choose "System Preferences..." from the menu.

Click on "Network".

Important settings: "Show:" is set to "Built-in Ethernet" and "Configure IPv4:" is set to "Using DHCP". Finish with "Apply Now" button if changes are made.

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