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Using Eduroam on an Android Device

Jeff Barkow -

If you're experiencing difficulties connecting to the eduroam wireless network ensure you're using the settings below.


Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Wi-Fi Settings > Turn on Wi-Fi > Scan for networks

Select eduroam

eap method – Peap

Phase2 authentication – MSChapV2

CA Certificate – Not Apply

User Certificate – Unspecified

Identity – <SUNet>@stanford.edu

Anonymous identity – (leave blank)

Password – 


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    Ondrej Marsalek

    I am trying to connect a Nexus 5 and these exact settings do not work for me, with or without the "win" part. The same device in the same location connected without trouble to the normal Stanford network before encryption was required. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Scott Alden Longwell

    I was having issues as well, but then noticed that Phase 2 authentication was set to None by default (it should be MSChapV2).

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    Justin R. Foeppel

    On the Nexus 5, be sure the keyboard isn't obstructing the password information; it has to be entered too. I thought maybe it didn't have to be since my device is enrolled in Stanford's MDM, but it does.

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    Ondrej Marsalek

    I don't think there were issues in my case. After some time (days), the phone randomly started connecting to the network, without me touching the settings again. Now it mostly works, although sometimes the connection is unreliable.

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    Ondrej Marsalek

    there -> these