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Enabling the CAP Public View Option for your profile

Peter T. Chen -

By default, Faculty CAP profiles are public to the world, while Students and Staff profiles are private.  This is done for security purposes.  If your profile is private, and If you do not opt-in, there will be no public profile for you. 

There are a myriad of security options when you get to the security/opt-in settings.  This document is to help you perform some of those initial changes as well as understand the more complex ones. 

Two CAP Websites

There are two faces to CAP: a Stanford facing website (http://cap.stanford.edu) and a Public facing website (http://profiles.stanford.edu).  Both pull from the same set of data, although the Stanford facing site shows more features such as forums, groups, and other information.  The Public facing site, on the other hand, is simply a directory of personnel information and serves as the central hub for current information about a Stanford person's status, title, academic papers, research interests, and a host of other information. 

Logging In to access your existing profile: 

  1. To log in, go to:  http://cap.stanford.edu. 
  2. Click on the blue "Log In".  If you are already Webauth authenticated, it should directly log you in.  If not, will need to fill in your webauth credentials.  CAP1.jpg

  3. Once logged in, you will be brought to the main CAP screen. Click on the 'Edit My Profile" link in the upper right:

  4. Now click on "Profile Visibility Settings" on the "Edit Profile" page: 

  5. By default, if you have not changed the settings before, your profile will probably be set to "hidden" which means that it is not viewable to Stanford personnel OR the outside well.  Click on the "Change to Visible" button to make it visible at least to the Stanford Community. 


  6. In order to make your profile public to the outside world, which will have a URL something like http://profiles.stanford.edu/[firstname]-[lastname], then change the next setting "Make My profile Visible"  to "Public".  There are only two options here.  Stanford only and Public.    Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click 'Save" to save the settings.   "Stanford Only" means that the profile can only be seen from a computer that is connected to the Stanford network.  


  7. You will  by now have noticed that there are a great many other settings as to what details you can choose to expose only to the Stanford community or the general public.  Most of these are fairly self explanatory. 

  8. If you are curious about what your public profile looks like and/or what the precise URL is, look for the link "public Profile" next to a little globe on the right hand side of your profile page under your photo thumbnail.  


if the redirect from engineering.stanford.edu does not go to the correct CAP profile:

For School of Engineering faculty and staff.  If you are finding the redirect from your profile at http://engineering.stanford.edu/profile/[sunetid] is not routing to the correct address at http://profiles.stanford.edu,  please send a ticket to soeithelp@stanford.edu  with  1) Your name  2) Your SUNetID, 3)  The correct URL/address of the CAP profile that we should be redirecting to.  We will find and rectify the currently incorrect redirect link.  Note that we will not redirect to profiles not on http://profiles.stanford.edu  




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