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How to add and edit a news story

Meghan Dubitsky -



1. To create a news story hover over SITE ACTIONS in the gray navigation bar. Then select ADD NEWS ITEM. If you do not see the gray navigation bar, check to make sure you are logged into the site.




2. Fill out the necessary information.

3. To add a FEATURED IMAGE, click ADD/EDIT IMAGE. A workbench will appear. Upload an image and fill in the optional caption field.


stanford page 1.png


4.To insert a photo into the BODY of the page scroll down to the IMAGE INSERT box below the BODY field.


stanford page 2.png


Click BROWSE and select the photo you wish to use. Click UPLOAD. To Insert the photo into the body of the page, click the INSERT button. The photo will then show up in the body field.


stanford page 3.png


5. Check any necessary boxes under Department, Organization, or Research. This effectively “tags” the news story.


6. Click SAVE.



There are two ways to edit a news story:


1. When viewing a news item on the site a small menu will appear under the headline. Click the EDIT button, make the necessary changes and press SAVE.




2. Click the SITE ACTIONS button in the top gray navigation bar. Select MANAGE ALL CONTENT. Use the search fields to either find the exact news story or filter by NEWS ITEM. When the correct story is found, click EDIT. Make the necessary changes and press SAVE.

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