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Adding SoE Exchange Email/Calendar to an iOS Device

Neal Soderquist -

This only applies to users on the School of Engineering's Exchange email server. If you use Zimbra (http://webmail.stanford.edu) to check email, you are NOT an Exchange user. You should follow IT Services' iPhone and iPad Configuration Instructions.

Adding your Email and Calendar to your iOS Device (iPad, iPhone, etc) allows you to receive all email and calendar events remotely. These get pushed to your device over both the cell phone data network as well as any wireless networks you're on. 

iOS Configuration Settings

1. Click the Settings icon on your home screen

2. Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Select Add Account

4. Select Microsoft Exchange

5. Enter the following information and then click Next. Your iPhone may automatically detect the correct server settings. If it does not, use these:

Email: Your email address
Server: exch01.stanford.edu
Domain: win
Username: Your SUNet ID
Password: Your SUNet Password
Description: Enter a description of the account

If you see an "Unable to Verify Certificate" warning - this is OK, click ACCEPT.

6. You can set your iOS Device to sync Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders. You may specificy how many days/weeks you want to store synced mail on your device by clicking Mail days to sync.

7. Back on your home screen, select the Mail icon on the bottom. You'll see the email address we just configured and you'll see your exchange mail folders displayed. 


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